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November 22nd, 2007 @ 11:51 am
Ok ladies and possibly any gents, but there have been no significant changes on the voting.


Disappointing, but well what can you do.

In any event I all assume you guys have all seen THIS photoshoot yes? Because she is SEX PERSONIFIED HOLY SHIT.

So I know we've all wet our pants just a little bit, so let's have an unofficial challenge and MAKE ME SOME SMEXY ICONS PLEASE! And headers...wallpapers...colourbars if you will *WEG*

Now I don't read a lot of Maxim, which reminds me I have to pick up the mag because I believe it came out on Nov 16, at least in the U.S it did, probably the same here. But the article is actually different than I thought it would be..the way they position the half quotes throughout the shoot is a little amusing though. But I like that they actually talk specifically about Buffy all these years later. Also I kind of thought Whoa I never thought I'd see a shoot like this for SMG then I read that it's because she's channeling her porn star self HAHA so then I'm like oooh I get it.

You're still so hot I would marry you kthx.
October 24th, 2007 @ 11:06 pm
Ok girl crushers.

I haven't made a decision yet because of the lack of voting on this here poll.

So, what I'm going to do is check back when November starts, and hopefully we can get at least 16 votes (subtracting one because one of them is mine *G*) then we shall start anew.

COME ON PEOPLE! Icontests can't be over and done with can they? Where's the SMG love? The Iconin' love?

Peace out hommies. Hopefully my next post is a better one ;)

P.S Gratuitous pimp for balims I think there are only 6 entrants left, so hopefully we'll see some of you guys in the next round! Until then, come and vote :D
October 17th, 2007 @ 11:14 pm
Ok guys, I haven't really come to a decision yet, canadiangirl_86 commented that 6-10 votes (at the time) wasn't enough motivation to get us jumping to re-energize this community.

Now I realize it's been on an extended hiatus and many of you may have stopped checking this community. So if you want to get us fired up again, please pimp us out, tell your friends, get current members checking back with us or...we just *really* need more than 11 replies (one of them is mine, so I'm not counting myself) out of 93 members.

So again please VOTE in that poll if you haven't done so already and let other people know that we're thinking of starting up again.

I'd really like to get back on track here but it's a little disappointing to have so little votes and you assume that only about half of those people will participate on a regular (or semi) basis therefore the mods would have to chance you guys around to get your entries in, I mean I don't mind offering extensions, but after a while it gets a little discouraging.

So please think about it.

Until then, I'm going to open up this community for graphics, must be SMG or BTVS/ATS related, you know the drill, if you've got lots of icons please put them under a cut, if you have a preview from an SMG movie, wallpapers, articles, etc. Go ahead.
October 6th, 2007 @ 12:42 am
Have you answered this P O L L yet?

8 People doesn't sound that promising. Ask your friends, buddies, pimp if you have to. But I think I definitely need more responses before I can even attempt to make a decision, because really, come on now. Where's the SMG Love? I really want to get 'er up 'n running again don't you?
October 3rd, 2007 @ 01:46 pm
Firstly I'll pimp balims and eternal_lims both B/A lims communities. I think eternal is still waiting for more entrants, but ba is already in full swing so join up and hop on board for the 3rd round!

Also I just received an influx of request to join the community, I've received maybe 5 in the past week or two? I don't know...but that's quite a lot for a community on hiatus.

I'm actually looking to reactivate this community so if I can get a show of hands - or in actuality a poll, to see who is actually ready to start up again?

Poll #1065431 REACTIVATE US? Bring back the SMG LOVE!

What's the verdict?

Yes - I'm pumped!
No - I've lost all interest whatsoever
Yes - I'll definitely try to make an effort to enter a couple of challenges per month

I'm not exactly sure where canadiangirl_86 stands in this, but I'm definitely raring to go, if she can't make the commitment I could probably still do it all by my lonesome, but it would fantastic if someone could volunteer if she can't - I'll have to talk to her about it first. She would of course still be a mod in this community, afterall she is my partner in crime.

Also I'm pimping Pushing Daisies so it doesn't suffer the fate of too smart for tv like other creations such as DLM, Wonderfalls etc. It stars my beautiful LEE PACE! Tuesdays @ 8 on CTV (Canada), Wed @ 8 on ABC (U.S)
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August 17th, 2007 @ 05:42 pm
Announement: Buffy/Angel LIMS Sign-Ups
Announcement approved by ba4ever!

Hello! I'd just like to tell you a bit about balims! It's the first LIMS community for the relationship between Buffy Summers and Angel; we've been around for a few months now and Sign ups for Round Two are currently open! I would like to have at least 20 people before we start this round of the LIMS so we need a lot more people! If you'd like to sign up you can do so here. Also, we always welcome more voters to the community so even if you don't make icons but are a fan of the couple we'd love for you to join us! :)

Join ~ Friend ~ Info ~ Affiliate
July 9th, 2007 @ 10:08 am
Gross abuse of mod powers, but for those of you who are still watching, you can watch and join over at eternal_lims - a B/A lims challenge!
June 24th, 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Thanks for sticking around, it was a fun rideCollapse )
June 20th, 2007 @ 12:24 pm
Voteage/Special Announcement
I've got some good and bad news....what do you want first? Eh so the good news is we've got the voting up! WHEE!

Vote for #79Collapse )

The bad...

Unfortunately canadiangirl_86 and I have been discussing this and I feel as though it shouldn't come as a surprise to you but this is going to be the last challenge for a while, we're going on hiatus, for how long we're not for certain, but I'd hope that it's not a permanent thing. I think the icon world as a whole, I think in our particular fandom especially, participation has been rapidly decreasing for some time now. I mean I'd love to keep this place going so long as we have participation, but at this point, we're up to leaving challenge open for 2 weeks+ and still only getting maybe 8 entries, including mods. So it is a sad sad day in gc land. When you guys decide that you have enough interest in this community, by all means let one of us know and we'll be happy to start up again.

I say this with much regret, although we've had good times, we have great/supportive members, but 90 members and rare participation is a little (a lot!) discouraging. So until then...if you've got Sarah (or related) icons/news you'd like to share with this community, go right on ahead. Gratuitous pimpage of other unrelated communities will be deleted promptly.

Your friendly neighbourhood mods.

Lucky I have Joh here by my side because she'd like to throw in a HUGE THANKS (which I stupidly forgot to throw in my spiel) to all you guys that have pimped/voted/entered and just merely for being here and supporting us. Again we thank you for your contributions.
June 15th, 2007 @ 07:01 pm

url: http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i296/oravannahka/BtVS/smg50.jpg

The Esquire car + SMG pics always scream "Superstar" at me. I think it's the way she looks. It's like she just stepped out of this fabulous car at a premiere totally camera-ready, expecting to have her picture taken.

With that said, the icon is a little funky. Maybe that's a good thing?