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Because girl crushes are fun

Sarahism - You Will Worship the House of Me

Girl Crush - An SMG icon challenge community
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"Sarah-ism...they will worship the house of ME." - SMG
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colorbar made by plumcheeks

You have now entered a house of worship...

**Untill further notice, challenges are extended until Sunday evenings. New challenges will continue to be posted on the scheduled Sundays.

Example of Submission.


*Note* for any large graphics, header/banner size for example, please provide us with a thumbnail as it easier for dial up users and just loads the page faster.
If you'd like to submit a picture you can do so here

Your mods: canadiangirl_86 and ba4ever and co-mod: paigegail because she's our bud from up north *g*

Our requisite banner and tag hor: erithegreat

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New headers every month by either canadiangirl_86 or ba4ever - we'll take turns *g*