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October 17th, 2007 @ 11:14 pm
Ok guys, I haven't really come to a decision yet, canadiangirl_86 commented that 6-10 votes (at the time) wasn't enough motivation to get us jumping to re-energize this community.

Now I realize it's been on an extended hiatus and many of you may have stopped checking this community. So if you want to get us fired up again, please pimp us out, tell your friends, get current members checking back with us or...we just *really* need more than 11 replies (one of them is mine, so I'm not counting myself) out of 93 members.

So again please VOTE in that poll if you haven't done so already and let other people know that we're thinking of starting up again.

I'd really like to get back on track here but it's a little disappointing to have so little votes and you assume that only about half of those people will participate on a regular (or semi) basis therefore the mods would have to chance you guys around to get your entries in, I mean I don't mind offering extensions, but after a while it gets a little discouraging.

So please think about it.

Until then, I'm going to open up this community for graphics, must be SMG or BTVS/ATS related, you know the drill, if you've got lots of icons please put them under a cut, if you have a preview from an SMG movie, wallpapers, articles, etc. Go ahead.